Members of the Trust

Dr Michael Dixon's picture Michael Dixon Chairman
Clare Laws's picture Clare Laws Treasurer & Managing Director
Henry Barlow's picture Henry Barlow Trustee
Lord Cranbrook's picture Lord Cranbrook Trustee
Uwe Fritz's picture Uwe Fritz Trustee
Professor Jose Ireneu dos Remedios Furtado's picture Jose Ireneu dos Remedios Furtado Trustee
Dr Michael Howarth's picture Michael Howarth Trustee
Dr Sandra Knapp's picture Sandra Knapp Trustee
Professor Dr Otto Kraus's picture Otto Kraus Trustee
Angus McCullough QC's picture Angus McCullough QC Trustee
Alessandro Minelli Trustee
Dr Jon Norenburg's picture Jon Norenburg Trustee
Dr Michael Oates's picture Michael Oates Trustee
Rohan Pethiyagoda's picture Rohan Pethiyagoda Trustee
Andrew Polaszek's picture Andrew Polaszek Trustee
Nigel Robinson's picture Nigel Robinson Trustee
Professor Hans-Dieter Sues's picture Hans-Dieter Sues Trustee
Andrew Wakeham-Dawson's picture Andrew Wakeham-Dawson Trustee
Tony Whitten's picture Tony Whitten Trustee
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