Changes to ICZN Membership

In December 2015, a meeting of the ICZN was held in Berlin in conjunction with the International Union of Biological Sciences. At this meeting, major changes took place affecting the membership of the ICZN.

The ICZN gratefully acknowledges the many years of service of the five retiring Commissioners:

  • D. G. Fautin (U.S.A.; Cnidaria) (Vice-President, ICZN)
  • P. Bouchet (France; Mollusca) (Councillor, ICZN)
  • D. J. Brothers (South Africa; Hymenoptera)
  • D. J. Patterson (U.S.A.; Protista)
  • P. Štys (Czech Republic; Heteroptera

The ICZN warmly welcomes the seven newly-elected Commissioners:

  • E. Aescht (Austria; Protozoa)
  • P. Bouchard (Canada; Coleoptera)
  • T. Bourgoin (France; Hemiptera)
  • D. Dmitriev (U.S.A.; Hemiptera)
  • N. Evenhuis (U.S.A.; Diptera)
  • F. Rheindt (Singapore; Aves)
  • F. Welter-Schultes (Germany; Mollusca)
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