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Nomina nuda in Ehrenberg 1830 (mentioned without description or indication):

List A:

Notommata aequalis, p. 66
Aurita diglena, p. 67
Brachionus bakeri, p. 68
Monocerca bicornis, p. 66
Colorus bicuspidatus, p. 64
Salpina brevispina, p. 66
Notommata decipiens, p. 66
Notommata forcipata, p. 66
Furcularia gibba, p. 66
Furcularia gracilis, p. 66
Euchlanis macrura, p. 66
Brachionus palea, p. 68
Dinocharis paupera, p. 67
Monostyla quadridentata, p. 66
Salpina redunca, p. 66
Notommata saccigera, p. 66
Salpina spinigera, p. 66
Rotifer tardigradus, p. 68
Dinocharis tetractis, p. 67
Salpina ventralis, p. 66

List B:

Diglena capitata, p. 67
Distemma forficula, p. 67
Distemma setigerum, p. 67

These names should be removed from the proposed Lists or attributed to the next source where the name was made available.

Names attributed to the 1830 work and for which a short description was provided, and which are not nomina nuda:

List A:

Megalotrocha alba, p. 65 (date given as 1831, in error) ("oculis quatuor")
Mastigocerca carinata, p. 66 ("cauda simplici")
Microcodon clavus, p. 65 ("oculo unico")
Monura colorus, p. 64 ("cauda simplici")
Philodina erythrophthalma, p. 68 ("Cauda ter furcata") and Pl. 7 (illustration, name also printed on plate)
Enteroplea lacustris, p. 66 ("ore recto terminali")
Eosphora najas, p. 67 ("oculis tribus, uno dorsali, duobus frontalibus")
Actinurus neptunius, p. 68 ("caudae quinque apicibus")
Pleurotrocha petromyzon, p. 66 ("ore oblique infero")

List B:

Monolabis conica, p. 68 ("cauda simpliciter furcata")
Norops dorsalis, p. 67 ("tribus dorsalibus")
Callidina elegans, p. 68 ("cocca")
Theorus vernalis, p. 67 ("dorsalibus acervatis")

I should add a note that the short descriptions may have repeated each other ("cauda simplici"), but they were posted in different
contexts (because the higher taxa were also equipped with short descriptions and this provided always a unique combination of

Joshua's list:

aculeata, Philodina - p. 69 - - nomen nudum
bicarinata, Salpina - p. 85, 90 - - nomen nudum, only a size was given that did not differ from others, so this did not denote the taxon
citrina, Philodina - p. 69 - - nomen nudum
dilatata, Euchlanis - p. 96 - - I did not find this name on p. 96, should say 66, nomen nudum there
lunaris, Monostyla - p. 84, 90; combined with Lepadella in 1832 - - nomen nudum in 1830, only a size was given
ornata, Floscularia - p. 65 - - correctly established on p. 65 with description
triptera, Lepadella - p. 83; combined with Metopidia p. 92 - - correctly established on p. 92 with description, as Metopidia triptera
gibba, Hydatina - p. 66 - - nomen nudum
laticauda, Hydatina - p. 83, 90 - - nomen nudum, only a size was given
leptocerca, Hydatina - p. 83, 90 - - nomen nudum, only a size was given
terminalis, Hydatina - p. 83, 90 - - nomen nudum, only a size was given
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Kind thanks to Fransisco for his detailed reply. I would like to note that for the species he has identified as nomina nuda in the 1830 work, there are the following subsequent sources: Diglena aurita is described as n. sp. on p. 9 of Ehrenberg (1831), Hemprich et Ehrenberg Symbolae Physicae. All the other species save one appear with descriptions in Ehrenberg (1832), Abhandlungen der Akademie der Wissenschaften, Berlin (für 1831): Notommata aequalis – p. 134 (as N. longiseta: α. aequalis) Brachionus bakeri – p. 146 (name occupied by B. bakeri Müller, 1786) Monocerca bicornis – p. 131 Colurus bicuspidatus – p. 129 Salpina brevispina – p. 133 Notommata decipiens – p. 132 Furcularia gibba – p. 130 Furcularia gracilis – p. 130 Euchlanis macrura – p. 131 Brachionus palea – p. 146 Dinocharis paupera – p. 135 Monostyla quadridentata – p. 130 Salpina redunca – p. 134 Notommata saccigera – p. 133 Salpina spinigera – p. 133 Rotifer tardigradus – p. 145 Dinocharis tetractis – p. 135 Salpina ventralis – p. 133 Diglena capitata – p. 138 Distemma forficula – p. 139 Distemma setigerum – p. 139 There do not seem to be any intervening sources, and certainly Ehrenberg does not mention any others in his 1838 monograph, so I expect these are the first ones. The remaining species is Notommata forcipata, given on the A list but as an invalid senior subjective synonym of N. forficata Ehr. 1832. I imagine these differ by accident; the former is described on p. 428 of Ehrenberg (1838), Die Infusionsthierchen, citing both the 1830 and 1832 sources together.
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