Primary homonymy


I saw primary homonyms on List A, established at the same date. Primary homonyms are available names, but it should be indicated who was the First Reviser and which name was selected.

From the comments in the PDF file it seems to me that the authors of the List have overlooked or were not aware that species-group names established as subspecies can be primary homonyms if the species-group name is the same, and the name of the species was different. This is a frequent source of mistakes.

An example is Lecane aspasia amazonica Koste & Robertson, 1983, which is a junior primary homonym of Lecane closterocerca amazonica Koste & Robertson, 1978. In the PDF file I only saw a comment that the name is considered "preoccupied" by a name established by Murray 1913. This must have referred to Monostyla amazonica Murray, 1913, perhaps a case of secondary homonymy. The authors did not add the much more important information concerning the primary homonymy. Also other cases suggest that the authors were not aware of primary homonymies.

By separating List A and B from each other it becomes difficult to verify cases of primary homonymies.
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Marking the List B species as unavailable (I have understood that it is planned to proceed so) bears a general potential problem. The List B species are currently considered as available names. Their taxonomic status is currently unclear (this could change with any neotype designation), but they have been made available in a correct form. So List A names that are currently considered as primary homonyms of List B names (and for which substitute names may have been established and used) will (after the approval of the LAN) be released from their senior primary homonymies and suddenly become admissible for usage. This may provide instability and threaten the current usage of names. I would not remove the status "available" from the List B names. If names were not used after 1899 they can be suppressed under Art. 23.9.2.
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