Hungarian titles and names


As far as I can judge the words of the following languages were linguistically correct: English, German, Dutch, Afrikaans, French, Italian, Spanish, Latin, Romanian.
This does not necessarily mean that I checked all titles reliably for correctness (example Kieler Meeresforschung, this was an incorrectly cited German journal title, should have been Kieler Meeresforschungen, this error could not be detected in a linguistic plausibility check), but diacritics and language were usually correct.

I detected massive problems with correct citations of titles in Hungarian. All Hungarian titles need to be revised.

It is necessary to know that Hungarian has more diacritic marks than German. Hungarian knows two different ö and ü, they must not be confounded. I would recommend to ask a Hungarian native speaker to revise all Hungarian titles of journals, articles and names of authors, for linguistical correctness. The LAN is thought as an international official document and this means that all scientific languages should be displayed correctly (and of course, all names of authors should also be spelled correctly - for the names of Hungarian authors please verify once again the original sources under this aspect).

See also my next post on Russian.

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