See my last post on Hungarian.

I also detected massive problems with correct citations of titles in Russian. All Russian titles need to be revised.

Use a consistent transcription of Russian script. The transription mode used in Anuraea baltica is a usual international standard. This can be used throughout. In the proposed list the inconsistent transliteration of Russian script is currently a total chaos. If no one is able to do hat, ask Commissioner Nina Bogutskaya who has suggested a consistent standard mode of transcription.

Russian was certainly abused in the Soviet era, and citing the titles in Russian script would be inconvenient because many scientists cannot read it. So a transcription of Russian titles into Latin script makes sense. But this should be done in a respectful form. Russian is one of the most important languages of the world's cultural and scientific heritage and deserves a respectful treatment in an official outlet of the ICZN.

Attention, do not mix up Russian and Ukrainian. Ukrainian uses a slightly different Cyrillic script and is also transcribed in a different mode than Russian. It is necessary to distinguish both languages. Vestnik Zoologii seems to be a correctly transcribed journal name, this seems to be a Ukrainian title.

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