What do I need the ICZN for? What can I do myself?

The Articles of the Code are designed to enable zoologists to arrive at correct names of taxa. The Code provides guidance on establishing new names, rules to determine whether any existing name is available and with what priority, whether it requires amendment for correct use, and how to determine the name-bearing type. If the path to resolution is laid out clearly by the Code, you may publish your conclusions without involving the Commission. If resolution of a nomenclatural problem is best served by overruling the Code, you should make an application to the Commission.

You can ask the Secretariat for guidance on whether you should apply to the Commission. You may send an informal enquiry (iczn@nhm.ac.uk) or draft a potential application {link to how to prepare an application}, which will be sent for review to a subset of Commissioners before initiating the process of publication and vote, if that is deemed necessary.

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