Sherborn Symposium: Penev


Electronic registration of nomenclatural acts is a dynamic process which still needs to be elaborated in accordance with the Biological Codes. The main questions to resolve are: (1) When a registration should take place, before or after publication? (2) Who is doing the registration? (3) Who approves the registration record? (4) Who confirms the validity of the registration record at the moment of publication? (5) At which point a registration record should be validated (e.g., a new name available), on the day of electronic or printed publication? At the International Botanical Congress in Melbourne in July 2011 it became clear that the registration process will be organized in different ways for the different organismsí kingdoms (Fungi, Plants, Protista and Animals).

ZooKeys was the first journal to provide a mandatory registration in ZooBank for all newly described taxa and to include the ZooBankís LSIDs in the original publication. In our view, the registration of nomenclatural acts and the quality control of the bibliographic metadata in ZooBank should be a responsibility of taxonomy publishers. Besides, we are convinced that registration of nomenclatural acts should be mandatory, independently of that will these be published on paper or online-only.

Within the framework of the EU FP7 project ViBRANT, and in a close collaboration with Zoological Record, ZooBank, the International Plant Name Index (IPNI), MycoBank and Index Fungorum, we are elaborating a workflow and associated software tools to streamline the registration within the editorial, publication and dissemination process. The talk will present Pensoftís vision on how to make the registration process secure and cost-efficient, through the currently developed Pensoft Writing Tool (PWT).

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