Pedionomus Gould, December 1840 (Aves, PEDIONOMIDAE) and Leipoa Gould, December 1840 (Aves, MEGAPODIIDAE): proposed conservation of usage

Publication Type:Journal Article
Year of Publication:2009
Authors:W. J. Bock, Schodde R.
Journal:Bulletin of Zoological Nomenclature
Start Page:31
Date Published:03/2008
Type of Article:Case
Keywords:Australia, Aves, Leipoa, Leipoa ocellata, malleefowl, MEGAPODIIDAE, Nomenclature, PEDIONOMIDAE, Pedionomus, Pedionomus torquatus, plains-wanderer, taxonomy

The purpose of this application, under 23.9.3 of the Code, is to conserve the generic names Pedionomus Gould, [1 December] 1840 for the Australian plainswanderer (PEDIONOMIDAE) and Leipoa Gould, [1 December] 1840 and the specific name Leipoa ocellata Gould, [1 December 1840] for the Australian malleefowl (MEGAPODIIDAE). The names Pedionomus Gould, [1 December] 1840, Leipoa Gould, [1 December] 1840 and Leipoa ocellata Gould, [1 December] 1840 have been in prevailing usage as the valid names for these taxa for over 150 years. However, Gould on 31 October, 1840 used the name Pedionomus ocellatus for the malleefowl, and this name has been used as valid for the malleefowl on at least one occasion in the 20th century. Suppression of Pedionomus ocellatus Gould, [31 October] 1840 will maintain stability in nomenclature.

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