paupera, Dinocharis


Organisation, Systematik und geographisches Verhältnis der Infusionsthierchen. Zwei Vorträge in der Akademie der Wissenschaften zu Berlin gehalten in den Jahren 1828 [Die geographische Verbreitung der Infusionsthierchen in Nord-Afrika und West-Asien, beob

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Submitted by fwelter on

Mentioned without description or indication, nomen nudum.

Should be removed from the List.
Or attributed to the next source where the name was made available.
Submitted by c_hussey on

Has the spelling been checked against the original publication? Unfortunately I don't have access to this early Ehrenberg but I note that Harring, Hudson & Gosse and others cite this species as pauper.
Submitted by J Grosse on

Both the 1830 publication and the 1832 follow-up where the species is given a description use the spelling Dinocharis paupera. Harring et al. seem to have made a mistake.

If you are ever interested in accessing these papers, by the way, their re-prints of them in Abhandlungen der Akademie der Wissenschaften are freely available as jpgs from BBAW, and some of the separate issues can be found as pdfs on
Submitted by jersabek on

Dinocharis pauper is an incorrect subsequent spelling, apparently introduced by Hudson & Gosse (1886) (Genus Dinocharis is feminine).

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