Obituary: Frank A. Bisby (1945-2011)

Publication Type:Journal Article
Year of Publication:2011
Authors: ICZN
Journal:Bulletin of Zoological Nomenclature
Start Page:241
Date Published:12/2011
Type of Article:Article
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Professor Frank A. Bisby (1945–2011), Director Catalogue of Life and Species 2000

Frank A. Bisby was the initiator and director of the Catalogue of Life and Species 2000, and
several other major biodiversity informatics projects that were closely linked with the work of the
ICZN. He died unexpectedly on 25 October, the day after the announcement of the release of the
2011 edition of the Catalogue of Life (CoL). This dynamic database lists 1,370,276 species (with
‘accepted names’ and limited synonymies) sourced from 101 databases that are validated by taxonomic specialists. It is widely seen as the most complete taxonomic e-infrastructure project for living organisms today. Frank was keen on collaboration with the ICZN and worked to ensure that the nomenclatural authority that will be available through ZooBank is linked with the taxon concepts presented in CoL.

Frank Bisby was also Professor of Botany at Reading University, U.K. with a speciality in legumes. He was an inspirational teacher, who was particularly popular for his field courses. He had moved to Reading from a faculty position at Southampton University after finishing his PhD at Oxford.

Frank Bisby was a leader with vision, bringing together teams of people to contribute skills in a global endeavour of cataloguing the world’s species. His contributions were enormous and he will be missed.

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