mekongensis, Anchitestudinella


Some Rotifers from Cambodia. Hydrobiologia 41: 453-459

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p.456, figs.9-11


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For information: mekongensis is what is intended (and does appear with this spelling once in the text) but heading and caption to drawing spelled as mekogensis

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Bērziņš (1973) used two alternative spellings, 'mekogensis' and 'mekongensis', for the single species of Anchitestudinella. Both spellings were used subsequently but it has never been clarified which of the two should be considered the correct spelling. As the first reviser, Segers (2007:6) fixed 'mekongensis' as the correct original spelling: "Considering the etymology of the name, which is derived from River Mekong, I suggest treating the latter, with -n-, as correct original spelling under Art.24.2.3 of the ICZN."

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