International Trust for Zoological Nomenclature

ITZN was established under U.K. charity law in 1947 as a mechanism for the International Commission on Zoological Nomenclature (ICZN) to accumulate money to fund its London based secretariat. This was necessary as ICZN was not an incorporated body in the U.K. and could not, for example, run its own bank accounts. For many years income derived from ICZN’s publications, the Code and this Bulletin, generated sufficient surplus to fund the secretariat. Over the past twenty years this position altered markedly, such that charitable donations were necessary to subsidise the necessary activities.

Last year the Trustees of ITZN recognised that the current business model was unsustainable and that, as a result, the ITZN should be wound up. Concurrently ICZN Commissioners met in Singapore to discuss a new vision for ICZN and what it should become in a digital world. The winding up of ITZN will take place during 2014. In order to ensure the ongoing viability of this Bulletin the Natural History Museum, London has stepped in to provide support for the essential work that goes into editing Cases and publishing the Bulletin for the next two years, by which time a new process for considering and publishing cases will have been put in place by the Commission.

Subscribers and authors of cases should notice effectively no change in the meantime.

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