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Thomas Pape's research is primarily focused on  taxonomy, systematics, phylogeny and evolution of two-winged insects (Diptera) with special emphasis on the Tachinidae family-group (Calliphoridae, Oestridae, Rhinophoridae, Sarcophagidae, Tachinidae). He has done extensive taxonomic and nomenclatural revisions of flesh flies and is a collaborator on the Systema Dipterorum, which contains about a quarter of a million name records representing some 150,000 valid species.

Summary of Research & Education:

Thomas gained his PhD (1990) in entomology from the Zoological Museum, University of Copenhagen. After two years at the Danish Bilharziasis Laboratory working with mosquito vectors of malaria and lymphatic filariasis, he spent 10 years as senior curator and head of entomology at the Swedish Museum of Natural History, Stockholm. Since 2004 he has been associate professor at the Natural History Museum of Denmark.

Contact details:

Natural History Museum of Denmark
Zoological Museum
Universitetsparken 15
DK - 2100 Copenhagen

Phone: +45 3532 1106
Fax: +45 3532 1010
E-mail: tpape (at) snm (dot) ku (dot) dk

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