American Association for Zoological Nomenclature (AAZN)

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The American Association for Zoological Nomenclature (AAZN) was founded in 1983 to facilitate liaison between zoologists in North America and the ICZN, and to provide financial support for the Commission through tax-deductible donations and/or annual membership.

There is also a category for institutional membership so that zoological societies can pledge their support. AAZN publishes an informal letter once or twice a year to inform members of the activities of AAZN and of ICZN and ITZN, and undertook the distribution of the discussion draft of the Fourth Edition of the Code to American zoologists.

AAZN is committed to providing information concerning zoological nomenclature to interested parties. It also sells the Code, the Official Lists and Indexes of Names and Works in Zoology, and the 1995 Centenary History entitled Towards Stability in the Names of Animals, with a discount to members.

Annual membership of AAZN is $20 (US) for individuals, while institutions pledge various levels of support. All interested zoologists and zoological institutions/societies are invited to join AAZN to acknowledge the need and benefit of the work of ICZN. Copies of the AAZN Newsletter may be downloaded below.

The current officers of AAZN are:

  • President: John Brown (USDA, National Museum of Natural History) – 2009-2011
  • President-Elect: vacant (nominations accepted)
  • Secretary: Neal Woodman (USGS, National Museum of Natural History)
  • Treasurer: Alfred Gardner (USGS, National Museum of Natural History)
  • Councilor: David Smith (Division of Fishes, National Museum of Natural History) – 2007-2010
  • Councilor: Daryl Domning (Howard University) – 2008-2011
  • Councilor: David Furth (Department of Entomology, National Museum of Natural History) – 2009-2012
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