Thomas Pape


(Denmark; Diptera)

Mark S. Harvey


(Australia; Arachnida)

Gary Rosenberg

Councillor and Chair of Editorial Committee for 5th Code

(United States; Mollusca)

Miguel A. Alonso-Zarazaga

Councillor and Bulletin Editor-in-Chief

(Spain; Coleoptera)

Richard Pyle


(United States; Ichthyology)

Frank-T. Krell

Chair of ZooBank Committee

(United States; Coleoptera)

Maurice Kottelat

Chair of Constitution & Bylaws Subcommittee

(Switzerland; Ichthyology)

Erna Aescht

(Austria; Protozoa)

Alberto Ballerio

(Italy; Coleoptera)

Nina G Bogutskaya
Patrice Bouchard

(Canada; Coleoptera)

Thierry Bourgoin

(France; Hemiptera)

Dmitry Dmitriev

(United States; Hemiptera)

Neal L. Evenhuis

(United States; Diptera)

Mark J. Grygier

(Japan; Crustacea, Myzostomida)

R. Bruce Halliday

(Australia; Acari)

Jun-ichi Kojima

(Japan; Hymenoptera)

Sven O. Kullander

(Sweden; Ichthyology)

Gerardo Lamas

(Peru; Lepidoptera)

Peter K. L. Ng

(Singapore; Crustacea, Ichthyology)

Frank Erwin Rheindt

(Singapore; Aves)

Jan van Tol

(Netherlands; Odonata)

Francisco Welter-Schultes

(Germany; Mollusca)

Judith E. Winston

(United States; Bryozoa)

Douglas Yanega

(United States; Entomology)

Zhi-Qiang Zhang


(New Zealand; Acari)

Hong-zhang Zhou

(China; Coleoptera)

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